Anna Grove


Anna is an American artist born and raised in Akron, Ohio, currently living in Hawaii.  Much of her work includes traditional media such as acrylic and watercolor.  Raw artistic talent runs in her family from her great grandparents to her mother who is a magician of an artist with a sewing machine.  Other influences in Anna's life include her high school art teacher who taught her to be limitless in the creative process and of course the "Greats", more specifically, Klimt, Pollock and Close.  

Anna has always had an interest in travel and is continually inspired by nature and personal experiences along the way.  She has lived in the midwest, the southwest, the west coast and currently the Hawaiian Islands.  All regions have influenced her creative process differently and have helped her grow as an artist, exploring new mediums and subjects.  Music, yoga, travel and people watching are some of her favorite things to do when she's not painting.  

She aims to create art that will out live her, inspire people and make others feel good while showing her support for others artists and giving back to the community in any way that she can.  Most of her art inspiration comes from a deep connection with people and emotions.  Her diverse spectrum of work includes bright colors as well as heavy details showcasing her subject for it's simplicity yet detailed beauty that each possesses on it's own.

Art is therapy as well as an expression for Anna and she hopes to share with the world her talent and give back the inspiration that she has been given.